“Dilkush” which translates to “Heart-is-happy”, is a name of a soft bun stuffed with coconut. Did’t find any authentic information about its origin or how it go its name. I have found ample evidences to believe that , somewhere in the south of India it originated. I have seen loads of them in the bakeries , in and around my place. Being a south Indian product, how it got a Hindi name is confusing to me. Someday the truth will be revealed to me. The bun is soft , filled with Coconut gratings, sweetened, with ample amounts of cherries and Tutti-frutti. Dash of cardamom enhances the taste and for us folks, this is a piece of nostalgia. I baked a decent piece of Dilkush and was happy with the result, but as you see in the photo, the crust was a bit thick, which could have been thinner.

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