Bourbon Biscuits

I am not quite sure about why this biscuit has the name Bourbon, all I could find from Wikipedia is that the name was inspired from the “House of bourbon” a french royal house, but made in London. As a kid, bourbon biscuits was my all-timer. I wouldn’t have imagined making them of my own….

Cutlet (côtelette) Chicken

An interesting piece of delight, which derived its name from the french word côtelette pronounced as “cotu let”. The history of cutlet is very old. Predominantly associated with veal and other forms of meat, Indian masters made it in vegetable as well. So one evening, when our appetite was at the synergy, made some côtelette. I…

Rasmalai Cake

  Cake with an Indian touch and its quintessential. It would have certainly been a royal delicacy in India , if the culinary masters in the yesteryear were adept to the art of baking. Each bite of this cake punch the parietal lobe, pushing us to a world of ecstasy. Baked this for somebody who…


“Dilkush” which translates to “Heart-is-happy”, is a name of a soft bun stuffed with coconut. Did’t find any authentic information about its origin or how it go its name. I have found ample evidences to believe that , somewhere in the south of India it originated. I have seen loads of them in the bakeries…


Rasmalai is an Indian sweet very popular in West Bengal. Made of milk solids and soaked in milk dashed in saffron. It is an ecstasy to have that sponge ooze out the creamy juices inside your mouth. Can’t stop at one.

The Bread

I had been always curious in my childhood, how do they make it? -The Bread. A staple food for the whole world, from religion to politics, it has ruled the world and I have always believed that the whole world revolves around it. Though an amateur baker, I had long wanted to bake one. There…

Banana Almond Cake

Some days are reserved to do nothing. During one of those days, tried a cake laden with Almonds. Was a bit dry, but with a cup of coffee, it was perfect.

Fruit(Rum) Cakes

Winter breeze laden with the smell of Rum soaked dry fruits have been always divine. Come December, my kitchen shall be full with this smell. I try and soak the Nuts and dry fruits atleast three to four months before. Apart from the routine, I like my cakes to have some tanginess, sourness, so I…

Lucious Chocolate Cake

Chocolate has been human soul’s appetite from time immemorial. In different forms, it has satisfied the taste buds of billions of souls in this world. We are no different, all in our family “crazily” love chocolate. So tried a Chocolate Cake. A simple recipie, with chocolate inside which gives a gooey texture covered with ganache….

For My Pony: Rainbow Cake

December has been always inviting for me. Loads of good memories kindle my good hormones all the time throughout the month. My “little pony” was also born in December. When the new year starts, she has a very clear concept of what her Birthday Cake should be, rather she gives me ample time to prepare…