Tres Leches Cake


Tres leches , is nothing complicated but Spanish for three milks and imagine a spongy fluffy cake soaked in three types of milk, which oozes into your mouth after a bite soaking the entire taste buds in pure ecstasy, with the munchy part of the cake to bite and the creaminess of milk.

I tasted it for the first time during one of our trips to the United States. On our way to my uncle’s house in woodlands from my sister’s place, we dropped by a grocery store called HEB. The aim was to buy something  for the uncle’s family. My sister’s husband had a high advocacy to buy a cake called the “tres leches cake”.

Being a cake enthusiast, I was eager to know what it was, since I had no clue and it sounded too complicated, even to pronounce it for the first time. We went to the bakery section and there he was , neatly packed in a transparent tub, decorated with all kinds of berries which gave him a nice contrast between the white cake and the fruits on top. The first impression of appearance was too good, but , since I was not so much into cakes stuffed with sour fruits , like the Black forest, I placed him also in the same league. Eventually, majority won and we took him on board.

We had a stay over at my uncle’s place and after dinner my aunt opened the transparent tub . The smell was seducing, but then I was not much interested. With all in the home showering the utmost love on me, I had to scoop in a piece to satisfy everybody’s concern. It took me by surprise. Not the way I though it would have been. It was fun soaked, juicy ecstasy which straight hit my brain. Luck was not with me, because of my initial dissent to try, My aunt had the rest of him decently tucked away in the fridge. My little bit of self pride didn’t let me ask for more. All the time I hate this part of me. The sourness of the berries was perfectly complimenting the sweetness and the creaminess of the cake. No wonder my sister and her guy was die hard fans of him.

I started to free my inquisitiveness and in couple of days, not only I dug up the whole history and the recipe for the same , but also learned to pronounce it quite well, though I had trouble communicating with others with the right pronunciation. Spanish it is, hence widely used in Latin america. It sounds like “Te res Le chess”. “Tres” means three in Spanish and “Leches” is for Milk. So Tres Leches is nothing but Three milks. A cake soaked in three types of milk. Wikipedia has given me an insight to the history, wherein I learned that in the medieval Europe cake soaked in different mediums were very popular. Probably there were people who were like me who was lazy enough not to chew hard on anything which can be eaten. For those who wants to read more on this can go to the link since I am going to post the recipe.


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