For My Pony: Rainbow Cake

December has been always inviting for me. Loads of good memories kindle my good hormones all the time throughout the month. My “little pony” was also born in December. When the new year starts, she has a very clear concept of what her Birthday Cake should be, rather she gives me ample time to prepare…

Soft Buns (Paav)

As soft as a bun, is what I say to my daughter whenever she takes her form of the ultimate cuteness, seldom it occurs though. So I decided to persuade the devil in her to be more cute by making, these, which are one of her favorites. Added to this, I hid some chocolate pieces…

Tres Leches Cake

  Tres leches , is nothing complicated but Spanish for three milks and imagine a spongy fluffy cake soaked in three types of milk, which oozes into your mouth after a bite soaking the entire taste buds in pure ecstasy, with the munchy part of the cake to bite and the creaminess of milk. I…

Flower Cake

There is this one particular day in the year, where I do most of my cake experimenting. Yes, its my hubby’s b’day. This time I thought of something colourful. Somethimg which is warm. Coupdn’t help trying a Flower cake.

Butterscotch Praline Cake

Sweetness is a gift of god. Blending simple ingredients can bring out wonders. Butterscotch, a blend of brown sugar and butter, as simple as it sounds, is the most sought out flavor for the sweet toothed. Though the name doesn’t ring any logic , it has non conclusive theories about its origin. Interestingly , it…

The Progress

A brief milestone knitted together to enlighten the pursuit. The picture is my tale.

The Reason

The Very Reason for the existence of this blog is something which is very natural. If you fancy some dramatization of your desires, you may read further.