Chocolate Brownies

Brownies became a favorite in my house after we got hooked into a decent serving of Burj Al Emlaaq ( by Baskin Robbins), exclusive to middle east, its a tower of ice-cream with two extravagant scoops of ice-cream of your choice with a decent layer of brownie pieces . The softness of the ice cream and the munch hardness of the brownies made that portion “the dessert of the divine”. There is not a single time we insist in the shop to “add a little more brownies please”. Once it became a favorite, thoughts of making (baking) it at home creeped in. Lots of reading and lots of searching ended up in the pictures shown in this post. it was worth the try and tailor made it our taste palate.


(8″ Square pan friendly)

All purpose flour – 1 cup (130 gms)

Sugar (powdered) – 1 cup (190 gms)

Dark Chocolate Chips/ Dark Chocolate (chopped) – 1 cup (140 gms)

Unsalted butter – 100 gms

Eggs -2

Vanilla Essence – 1 tsp.

How do we do

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree C, grease and line a baking tin, preferably 8″ square pan. Melt the chocolate chips and the butter together in a bowl, in a microwave oven, in 10 second bursts, or in a double boiling method. These bursts are very important to keep the texture of the chocolate. Beat the sugar and whole eggs till it becomes fluffy. Add the Chocolate butter mixture to this and mix well. Now fold in the sieved flour and add vanilla essence.

Bake it for 20-25 minutes. Take the baked brownie out in a rack and allow it to cool. Cut in any shape you want it or will fit in your mouth. Munch it to your fullness, a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of your brownie block will teach you what ecstasy is, pray for a rain, if all happens at once, go and take a lottery ;)….enjoy munching!.

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